If you are interested in fundraising for summer trips, retreats throughout the year, camp, etc., we have a number of fundraising opportunities! There is a binder at the Ministry/Information Center in the Gathering space with all of the sign-ups available. Sign up now.

We’re grateful for all of the volunteers who have donated their time and gifts to the fundraising ministry, to allow our youth and families further opportunities to grow in faith and relationship with God and one another.

All of our fundraisers are put on by volunteers, and we could not do it without them! THANK YOU!


    Year-Round FundraiserScrip

    People purchase a gift card (scrip) and a certain percentage of money spent goes back to the student of your choice’s account.Visit:  shopwithscrip.com  Our Saviour’s Evangelical Lutheran Youth/MN  Contact church office for Code to register and order gift cards online.Fundraisers

  • Lent Supper (typically Ash Wednesday)
  • Palm Sunday Breakfast
  • Spring Flower Sale
  • Spring Garage Sale


Scholarships are available for summer trips. We ask that you participate in fundraisers first, but if money is your concern for summer trips, we want to help as much as we can!