Worship is the activity of God’s people and we encourage everyone to participate fully in the singing of songs and responding as indicated in your bulletin.

**Ushers will assist you with wireless hearing devices and Rainbow bags (quiet toys and books) for children.   We encourage you to ask an usher if you need any of these items.**

All are welcome at the Lord’s table, whether Lutheran or members of this church or not. The Lord’s Supper is for all baptized Christians who know their need of Christ in their lives.  Children younger than 5th grade receive a blessing. All others receive the bread and wine.  Children younger than 5th grade may receive the sacrament if their parents have discussed this with one of our pastors. The wafer first will be placed in your open hand. Then you may dip the wafer into the chalice of wine and eat. Touching it to the rim of the chalice as you remove it helps prevent dripping. Your saying “Amen” after receiving the bread and wine is a way of confirming your gratitude and desire for Christ in your life. If for any reason it is difficult for you to come forward, please notify an usher and the elements will gladly be brought to you.

We are pleased that parents bring their infants, toddlers and children to worship with them.  We have a Child Care Center for children (3 years old and under) if you find this helpful.  True worship requires discipline which does not come naturally to children or adults. Our congratulations goes to parents who do not give up in this important Christian parenting responsibility of teaching their children to worship.  Should you need to, you are welcome to step out of the Worship Center and listen to the service in the Narthex with your child(ren).