Amy Hanson, Director of Children, Youth and Family

Theresa Chatelle, Director of Faith Formation

Our Saviour’s confirmation classes are on Wednesday evenings, 6:30 pm-7:30 pm.

What is Confirmation?

Confirmation is experiencing God together in Faith! It is a lifelong process of learning by receiving and affirming the gifts of God’s grace, through study, discussion and prayer. At baptism, the spirit is given so that we may never stop learning. The goals of Confirmation at Our Saviour’s are:

  • Foster Christian relationships
  • Teach the basics of the Lutheran faith
  • Promote a personal commitment and relationship with Christ
  • Open opportunities for families to communicate their faith
  • Connect baptismal affirmation to daily life

Overall Program Goals and Requirements

Confirmation goals and requirements are offered to help students build a solid foundation for their faith journey. They will do this with fellowship, discipleship, worship and service to others. Consistency in these things will help students build that foundation.

Ages for Confirmation

The program here at Our Saviour’s is primarily designed for students in 7th-9th grade.  If a student older than 9th grade wishes to confirm their faith, we would encourage them to talk to one of the pastors so that a course of study could be designed for them to explore their faith journey.

colaborateThis new curriculum challenges students to think theologically and ask the deep questions about the Bible, Lutheran History and their lives as people of faith. It is made