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What We Believe

God made a decision about you. God knows you. God created you. God created all of us out of love and to love – to love God, each other, ourselves, and all of creation. We find purpose and meaning as we participate in God’s loving care for others and all of creation. 

In the person of Jesus, we see God’s love embodied and lived. Jesus worked to bring restoration, healing, hope, and wholeness to those he met. In his suffering and death, we see the lengths God is willing to go to show his love. In his resurrection, we see in Jesus a God who is stronger, bigger, and more powerful than death. We see a living Jesus, who can transform even the worst imaginable things into something good.

In the Holy Spirit, we feel the promise of Jesus – a promise to empower us as a community to carry on God’s loving purpose in the world. God commissions us to be the heart, hands and feet of Christ as we work to spread healing, hope, and wholeness. While we are not perfect, we don’t need to be. God is working through us and that is enough. 

We invite you along in our mission of being the hands, feet, and heart of Christ through belonging, becoming, and believing.


Discover Belonging

Come as you are. Discover the joy, purpose and meaning that comes from being embraced as authentically you. Learn, worship, serve, and work together with others who you will grow to care for as sisters and brothers in Jesus.

Explore Becoming

We have not arrived, but we are on an exciting journey. Walk with us as God works in us, molding us and helping us grow to be the people God calls us to be.

Embrace Believing

Believing is a gift of the Holy Spirit. It is trusting in God’s love for you. It is not one and done, or a list of ideas or rules. It is an action. It is trusting in God’s promises and allowing God’s love and purpose in the world to shape our values, priorities, decisions and actions every day.

Interested In Membership?

If you are considering membership at Our Saviour’s, join us for a new member’s session offered several times each year.

The session is a casual gathering to get to know our pastors, learn about the history of Our Saviour’s, our ministries and the Lutheran faith. Child care for younger children is available by request.

The next New Member Session, has not been scheduled. If you would like us to contact you when the date has been set, please contact the church office at 651.437.9052 or send an email.

New Member Request Form

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