• February 1st-Annual Congregational Meeting, 10 am; Souper Bowl of Caring; Fellowship Potluck
  • February 1st-Annual Congregational Meeting, 10 am**Souper Bowl of Caring** Fellowship Potluck
  • February 1st-Annual Congregational Meeting, 10 am**Souper Bowl of Caring** Fellowship Potluck
  • February 1st-Annual Congregational Meeting, 10 am**Souper Bowl of Caring** Fellowship Potluck
Welcome to Our Saviour's in Hastings, Minnesota

What’s Ahead

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Every Wednesday evening Chef John cooks up something delicious for all to enjoy. All are welcome!! Come on in with your family or friends to eat before Church school or confirmation, or just because you are hungry. Check back each week to see what will be served.

Feb 1--ANNUAL CONGREGATIONAL MEETING 10 am (between shortened services)

Feb 1- Stay for the Fellowship Potluck!

Souper Bowl of Caring is also taking place this day.

Feb. 14-Sharing & Caring Hands

Feb. 15-Special Fellowship Valentine's Lunch!!!
11:30 am- 1 pm
Reservations are required

Feb. 18- Spiritual Gifts 101, bible study
Wednesdays 5:30 pm-6:30 pm, 6 wks

Thrivent offers a program called Thrivent Choice Dollars to its members. People who own Thrivent products can recommend where Thrivent Financial distributes part of its charitable outreach funds each year. Our Saviour’s participates as a recipient of Thrivent Choice Dollars. Your generous gifts help to purchase the new chairs for the Fellowship Hall. Thank You! Keep up the wonderful designating!

Did you know…

The Caring Ministry Team/Lay Ministry Committee provides Prayer Shawls to those with special prayer needs? If you know of someone who could benefit from this caring gift, please notify the church office. The shawl will be is blessed by a Pastor prior to being gifted.

Additionally, Sympathy, Get Well, Thinking of You, Cheer and Special Birthday cards are also sent out by this group of volunteers. Again, if you know of someone who could benefit from such a card, please notify the church office, 651.437.9052.

Lay Ministry's volunteers are also involved in many programs and events that benefit our Hastings community, surrounding neighbors. They are always open to help with not only current programs, but welcome new people and ideas for future programs! Let us know if you are interested!!

Opportunities to use YOUR gifts

Fellowship Committee Forming

What is Fellowship and what does it mean to Our Saviour’s? How do we ‘do’ fellowship?  Please contact Jody (jody.geib@osel.org) if you are interested in being part of forming this exciting committee that is responsible for ‘fellowship’ and the planning on how to conduct it here at Our Saviour’s.

Lent Devotional Book submissions

During Lent last year we were able to create a devotional book which was compiled from congregational member’s written stories. We would love to do this again this year!

January 25th-31st 2015 Birthdays

Happy Birthday from Our Saviour's to....

Jerry F, Brandon H, Chuck S, Bruce T, Dillon C, Amelia H, Nathan J, Keagan M, Maya N, Joe T, Sawyer W, Cody W, Bernice C, Luke K, Curtis L, Daniel N, Mel S, Alexander S, Philip S, Jacob W, Lillia D, Alex H, Joanne P, Jaxon Shiller, Jack S, Marilyn S, Jared B, Joan L, Shannon M, Sarah R, Sydnew R, Morgan S, Tylar S, Daniel S, Leslie A, Brandon B, Kira L, Nicholas P, Gerald P, Paul W, Jersey A, David S,

Thank you for letting us be part of your life!

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